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Ingame Name Exclusivity

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Ingame Name Exclusivity

Post  Girlie on Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:26 am


IGN (In-Game-Name) GRABBERS/IMPERSONATORS: Just don't attempt do it. Predator Aion has all the means to verify.

We are receiving reports regarding IGN (in-game-name) grabbing. Two of the grabbed names reported so far were Santiy and Robbinzo. It appears that the reasons for these IGN grabbing are to impersonate himself to the staff and achieve item repossession plus among other requests.

Read more Predator Aion Game Rules: Use of Prohibited IGNs/Impersonation

If you found out your IGN has been grabbed, follow this format and post it below.

IGN (In-Game-Name): Tintin (elyos), Chantgirl (elyos)


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