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Please GM READ

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Please GM READ Empty Please GM READ

Post  macky on Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:08 pm

I'm sorry but this is just a dead community no one is using the forums is hardly no one online, I try very hard to reach a GM online and it seems so hard.
First thing off why is the server so unbalance? People with Wings with atk%8 and attk 17 people saying they wants was on the TOLL now there not so old players got the advantage same as Archon jewlery you can't get that from TOLL i mean this server has not been updated for so long that Silentera cannon map is the only place to pvp since a year ago and the new Gear Officer gear Shepeard Gear has not been put to.

Why evryone have to ask the GM to give you fenris Tittle i mean poor damm GM has to do that for evryone that logs in why don't put it on the TOLL market or at least make it paid like a regular TIttle, is just so unbalance then you make people farm for treasure Chest endless of Hours to get 25 TOLL for farming 5 hours straight, and then thre is the pvp only few people some hours of the day evryone seems to be leaving this server at least Let the comunity know if the GM and the owner is not goin to be active I been playing here for a month and i am really trying i just don't know why they remove the TOll rank pvp making people focus more on pvp than actual treasure box farmin -__

Can we at least get a list of command so we can get the stuff ourself like the Fenris Tittle and other stuff and if people using that atk speed wing is just not fair that you take it from TOLL. I mean with all do respect you can see a dead server a mile away just look at Not Aion they have more stuff in there shop and 10 times cheaper, i just need to know if there goin to fix this things anytime soon so i dont have to waste my time anymore.


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