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By signing into our server you agree to our rules and policies, these include although are not limited to:

No hacking, third-party software, or exploiting.
Be respectful to the staff all the times and your fellow players.

Make sure you understand our rules & regulations.
Not following our rules will result in jail time or an account ban depending on the case. There are no second chances.
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Predator Aion Game Rules

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Predator Aion Game Rules Empty Predator Aion Game Rules

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:08 am

Players are advised to safe-guard their own accounts, as the account owner is responsible for any actions that occur while the account is in use. Accounts that are in violation of server rules will face penalties as stated, regardless of whether the violations were committed by the rightful owner, or otherwise.

Game Hacking, Bug Abusing, Toll/Kill/AP Trading:

Toll/Kill/AP Farming is strictly prohibited. Usage of third party software, memory editors, trainers, or debuggers any form of hacking to alter the game, which may/might not lead to an unfair advantage in game play over other players, is not allowed. (E.g. Speed hacks)
Penalty for requesting or using game hacks, and all listed above:
• Game Account Permanent ban
• IP Ban
Donators caught cheating will also be banned without refund.

Staff Members:
1. Please respect all staff members, and follow their instructions.
2. Don't use bad words/profanity or annoying words to anyone.
3. Do not beg or ask for free items, kinah, or anything else.
5. DO NOT give your password to anyone.  No staff member will EVER ask you for your password!
6. Do not say "NOOB." Staff reserves the right to PK you, at their discretion, if you’re dumb enough to call someone a NOOB.
7. Do not accuse, guess, and make gossips against an ordinary player/s as GM
Penalty for violation of above rules:
- Temporary Account Suspension and/or Character Deletion
- IP Ban

Use of Prohibited IGNs/Impersonation:
For simple reference, avoid:
1.- Impersonation of any staff member, that will mislead or cause confusion to other players.
2.- Sexual context.
4.- Vulgarity, or any word(s) that are otherwise offensive, or may cause confusion.
5.- Do not use names like wakkokkkooook hahahhhha wtf fvku Jjjjjjjjjjj Aaaaaa etc. As much as possible use simple and readable IGN.
6.- Do not reflect, glorify or emulate any real-world group or organization, terrorist society, criminal elements, discriminating organizations or their leaders and figureheads. This includes the use of names of real-world military, political or religious groups.
7.- Do not use an IGN that could be considered obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, offensive, hurtful, harmful, promote drugs, profane, anti-gay, ethnically, racially or sexually offensive or impart any real-world hostility toward a specific nationality, race or religion.
8.- Spawn killing is not allowed and it will be punished with Prison.
9.- Selling accounts in real currency will be punished with Account ban.
Penalty for Use of Prohibited IGNs/Impersonation:
- Temporary Account Suspension and/or Character Deletion.

Please follow the server rules. In order to register on the Predator Aion forum, you must agree to these rules. Failure to follow the rules may result in account suspension or ban, at the discretion of Predator Aion Staff.

Predator Aion Rules are Simple:

Know how to read and understand the rules before entering the game. If you can't follow the rules, better Leave and Quit Playing!

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